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Tourmaline is your best friend when it comes to protection, not only that, it doesn't store any negativity, it is one of the crystals that transmutes all energies to light. It keeps the energy flow moving constantly. It creates and forms a really strong protective shield around your body, keeping you protected from anything that doesn't serve your higher purpose or your highest good on your soul path, Tourmaline can be used as a healing tool, will shield and protect the wearer from EMF radiation, electrical devices, radiation, mobile phones thus clearing the aura from toxins and removing any blockages. It will disperse negative energies allowing the wearer to find solutions easily for their problems.  Tourmaline will allow you to diminish any fears you might have and allows one to understand themselves, promoting self confidence and to find peace and love for who they are. It's a stone that balances the entire chakra system from root to crown, bringing everything into balance and order.

Tourmaline Mix Bracelet

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