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** Please note: Images are for illustration purposes only. All Orthoceras Fossils are unique and no two are the same.

Orthoceras is an ancient mollusc that lived around 400 million years ago. The shell of this ancient ancestor became the modern-day squid and in fossil form it can be presented as polished individual pieces, or like this magnificent sculptural group form.


Not only is it a statement piece, but this fossil promotes a long healthy life, removing toxins from the body and helps to align the spine and skeleton, thus being an amazing stone for Chiropractors and Osteopaths. 


Orthoceras is a great tool during meditation as it brings an abundance of healing between you and the natural world. Orthoceras is also a great support stone in helping one release and let go of any fear based energies and setbacks that are stopping you from moving forward.


Place in your home to minimise inter-generational friction between family members and having one close to you will bring a sense of perspective and acceptance when you need it the most.

Orthoceras Fossil

99,00 €Price
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