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** Each stone is intuitively chosen for you. The images act as a reference to the size and weight of each variant.


Pyrite - the stone working for your highest good, always!


Pyrite - also known as fool's gold, because of gold miners mistaking pyrite as gold in the mines - is an excellent energy shield and very positive stone. It blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, including infectious diseases, as well as energy leaks from the physical body and the aura.


As a positive stone, it helps one overcome the feelings of inadequacy and inertia, allowing one to tune into their potential and natural abilites and talents, stimulating a natural flow of ideas.


Placing a piece of Pyrite on a desk helps energise the area around it, thus is the perfect stone when planning projects and business ideas. The stone teaches one how to see behind a façade to what is, and helps promote diplomacy.


Psychologically, Pyrite boosts self-worth and confidence and relives anxiety and frustration. A stone connected to bones and cellular formation, it is helpful in increasing blood flow to the brain and improves memory and recall.


With so many benefits, Pyrite is one of those crystals that will always be in service of your highest good, helping you release that which does not belong, whilst encouraging all things positive into your life.

Pyrite | cube formations

12,00 €Price
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