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Red Garnet Mala


Garnet helps to regenerate the body, purifying and re-energising the blood, heart and lungs as well as DNA. It helps with the absorption of minerals and vitamins and is a powerfully invigorating stone.


Red Garnet revitalises feelings within yourself, as well as feelings you have about yourself. It enhances sexuality, your self expression. It helps you connect with yourself emotionally and how you live in the world around you.


It controls unbalanced emotions within you, particularly anger that may have risen due to external sources. Red garnet helps you to have emotional intelligence so you don't react uncontrollably. 


Garnet stimulates the pituitary gland and allows you to have an expanded awareness. It clears negative chakra energies and allows you to let go of obselete ideas that no longer serve you. Opens up the heart and bestows self confidence.

Red Garnet Mala

99,00 €Price
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