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** The images are a representation of the product you shall receive. Each Rose Quartz Massage Mushroom has its own uniqueness and no two are the same. 


These healing and beautiful rose quartz massage mushrooms have been cut perfectly to be used and held very well for massaging. Both end faces have been sanded round, so they are comfortable on the skin when massaging.


Application: For use on face, stroke the mushroom over the skin with gentle movements, always working outwards. You may also use an oil/serum to cleansed skin as a base.



Rose Quartz description:


Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love and peace. A comforting and nurturing stone, it comforts a person when they are grieving, in pain, or have experienced a loss, and because of the stone's strong healing properties, it helps one replace sad, or negative emotions with loving and positive ones.


Rose Quartz opens up a new relationship with yourself where self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness are present and it also helps one to heal relationships with other people.


A loving and peaceful crystal it has a strong link to the heart chakra, emitting strong frequencies of love and calmness. Rose Quartz is the feeling of a nurturing and loving hug, supporting you and showering you with an abundance of unconditional love no matter what the circumstances are.


Place Rose Quartz in your home for harmonising your environments and especially in the bedroom if you are sharing with someone to balance the energies.

Rose Quartz Massage Mushroom

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