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** Each Ruby in Zoisite is intuitively chosen for you. The images are representation images only.


This beautiful crystal, also known as Anyolite, is a combination of two minerals that are famously found in Tanzania, Africa. The word Anyolite itself is actually derived from a Masai word meaning green.


A harmonising stone, Ruby in Zoistite is connected to the planet Venus and chakras root, heart and third eye, aligning them into a cohesive balance. A manifesting crystal, this stone will help you find strength and determination in accomplishing your dreams.


Energetically, this stone will transmute negative energies into positive ones and helps one release pain and sorrow that may be the cause of the loss of a loved one. Ruby alone, is the stone of courage and strength, ridding you of any fears or anxiety that may arise for you, and Green Zoisite is connected to growth, fertility and birthing anew, so together this crystal combine to be the ultimate support network for support and growth. 


For all those interdimensional astral travellers out there, this stone is a wonderful meditation and psychic stone, assisting those that astral project :)

Ruby in Zoisite Palm Stones

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