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The Sandalwood Chakra Mala is a beautiful all-rounder and balancing mala as it has the balancing and earthly qualities of sandalwood together with 7 crystals that each represents a different chakra. The 7 crystals are: Garnet (root chakra), Carnelian (sacral chakra), Citrine (solar plexus), Green Jadeite (heart chakra), Turquoise (throat chakra), Lapis Lazuli (third eye chakra) and Amethyst (crown chakra).


Sandalwood itself has many beneficial qualities as it helps to purify and cleanse any unwanted negative energies from your field, as well as calming the mind, balancing your energy body and promotes relaxation.


Garnet: Taking the name from the Latin word granatum which means pomegranate, this stone brings up creative energy, clarity for one's life purpose, self confidence and is also considered a lucky stone.


Carnelian: A stability crystal that restores energy and motivation.


Citrine: The solar plexus crystal, it is known as the success stone. Associated with the sun, it clears the mind and it brings abundance and success.


Green Jadeite: The stone of dreaming. Associated with the heart chakra it has been a part of people’s lives for many centuries, bringing a sense tranquility and stability to the wearer.


Turquoise: "Everybody's stone". Turquoise has played an important role since early history as it’s a powerful ‘problem solver’. Turquoise helps instill clarity and understanding to the wearer, whilst also healing the body from ailments and boosting the immune system.


Lapis Lazuli: The stone of spiritual love. Connecting with the third eye chakra it brings out intuitive abilities and supports inner knowledge. Helps to improves awareness, wisdom and protects the wearer from physical and psychic dangers.


Amethyst: Connecting to the crown chakra, amethyst is a powerful all rounder protective crystal. Purifying the mind, it also clears and releases stress and anxiety. Assists and increases psychic powers, intuition and clairvoyance.

Sandalwood Chakras Mala

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