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The beautiful combination of sandalwood with these three crystals will ensure that you always remain protected, purified, balanced and attracting abundance.
Sandalwood itself has many beneficial qualities as it helps to purify and cleanse any unwanted negative energies from your field, as well as calming the mind, balancing your energy body and promotes relaxation.

Smokey Quartz will protect you with its grounding and detoxifying effects. Our spiritual satellite, it's a crystal that connects heaven and earth, anchoring us to the earth while keeping our hearts and minds towards the celestial world.


Red Onyx balances the yin and yang energies within the body and is strength giving. It provides support during times of difficult circumstances and stress and helps bring you forward into the future with stability and peace.

Citrine: The solar plexus crystal, it is known as the success stone. Associated with the sun, it clears the mind and it brings abundance and success.

Sandalwood Mala with Smoky Quartz/ Red Onyx/ Citrine

79,00 €Price
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