The Energy Secret - Practices and Rituals to Unlock your Inner Energy for Healing and Happiness.


This easy to read and beautifully designed book by Jane Alexander talks about all things energy, how it links us with everyone around us, with nature and the environment. Understanding and directing our vital energy can give life more meaning and purpose and help with our health, relationships and mental wellbeing. This book is divided into four sections:


  • Body - breathing exercises, exercise and the energy of food
  • Emotional - how we connect to other people
  • Environmental - how to cultivate a positive atmosphere at home and work and how to connect with the natural world
  • Spiritual - using visualisations and rituals to connect to energy source and how to manage the dark energy of judgement and depression, and finally, looking at death and where that energy goes.


Jane Alexander is an expert in the field of natural wellbeing. She is the author of the best-selling book, Spirit of the Home and Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living.

The Energy Secret

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