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Did Jesus visit Somerset, England?


'The Lord of Glastobury' is the first comprehensive and scholarly account of the story of the young Jesus visiting Britain with Joseph of Arimathea.


In the book you will meet a fascinating cast of characters including the library assistant who became the first Grand Bard of Cornwall, the author of Onward Christian Soldiers, a mystical gynaecologist and the conqueror of Tibet. Discover the eccentric clergymen and the mad Georgian poet who sought to provethat “The Lord was at Glastonbury”.  


Paul Ashdown MA read Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Early Celtic, and Archaeology and Anthropology, at Clare College, Cambridge. He has lived in the vales of Avalon for thirty years, writing and lecturing extensively on the Glastonbury mythos.

The Lord was at Glastonbury | Paul Ashdown

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