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** Each tourmalinated quartz is intuitively chosen for you. The variants price difference are based on size and quality.


Tourmalinated Quartz brings together both the healing and powerful protective properties of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline together in one beautiful crystal.


A wonderful harmonising crystal, tourmalinated quartz strengthens the body's energy field against external low frequency vibrations, deflecting anything that doesn't align with your highest good. It also helps at harmonising the meridians, the subtle bodies, as well as working with all chakras and counteracting any sources of energy depletion, keeping you balanced and energised.


The crystal is perfect at releasing tension that you may be experiencing at any level, helping one to dissolve negative thought patterns as well, turning the negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. On a psychologically level tourmalinated quartz helps to heal and integrate shadow energies, helping one to refrain from self-sabotage. It wards of nightmares during sleep making you feel safe, well and connected to divine wisdom. 


Tourmalinated Quartz is closely connected to all chakras, specifically the Crown, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root and is connected to all zodiacs star signs. 

    Tourmalinated Quartz | polished points

    17,00 €Price
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