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Yellow Opal - Delicate stone with a fine vibration


This beautiful crystal is known as an emotional healer, helping you to restore your sense of playfullness. A lucky stone to instinctively be in the right place at the right time, increases happines and makes situations feel better, so creating the impetus to actively seek positive solutions; restores the will to live. 


Yellow Opal gives empowerment to help you do things for pleasure not for duty or profit. 

An anti-jealousy and -spite stone, wear to turn envy or gossip away from you and create a shield of positive energy.


Works with the Solar Plexus, and it has physical benefits helping with gallstones and kidney stones, infections, chronic exhaustion, memory. 

Connected to the zodiac Gemini and Cancer.

Yellow Opal Splitter Bracelet

19,00 €Price
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