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Intuitive Thai massage, which originated in India, has been around for over 2,500 years. Originally regarded as a healing art, traditional Thai massage includes influences from both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.

Unlike typical Western-type massages, it doesn’t involve lying on a massage bed while a massage therapist applies oil to your body and kneads your muscles and pressure points.

Instead, you lie fully clothed on a mat on the ground while a practitioner uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and improve flexibility and circulation.

Sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, Thai massage is focused on improving the flow of energy throughout your body.

It is known to result in a wide range of benefits, including and not limited to:

Relief of Migraines or tension headaches 

Thai massage reduces back pain associated with trigger points — tight, painful muscle clusters — in the upper back.

It may improve your joint function if you experience pain and stiffness when you move.

If your range of motion and flexibility are affecting your athletic performance or making it hard to get around, Thai massage may help you move more easily.

Although Thai massage is more energetic than other forms of massage therapy, it has been shown to lower anxiety and increase a systemic feeling of calm.


Meet Greg

Greg combines the ancient healing method of Traditional Thai Massage with his intuitive ability of reading and understanding the clients body, for an amazing deep and soulful massage experience.

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