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Manifestation Workshop on LOVE with Yin Yoga

Next date: tba

Manifestation Workshop on LOVE with Yin Yoga

This workshop is going to be a wonderful journey through personal development, self care and conscious intention setting all about LOVE. Together with a soft Yin Yoga practice, we’re going to work on easy journaling tools that will help you set empowering intentions to manifest the life of your dreams.

Francesca is going to share with you the powerful manifestation equation, and how you can achieve almost anything you desire by simply putting together beautiful journaling routines and incorporating them in your daily life.

Through the yin practice we will create the perfect mindset to work on the feelings related to your intentions, using the yoga practice as another tool for your manifestation and self care. Everything you learn during this workshop will help you to create a beautiful routine that you can come back to anytime you need a boost of motivation and positivity.

We look forward to welcoming you to this magical manifestation and Yin Yoga event!

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