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  • Somatic coaching session

    Constant people pleasing or fawning - Chronic pain or another health situation - Anxiety - Depression - Lack

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  • House of Healing Berlin | Crystal Guide

    BUY AVENTURINE BLACK OBSIDIAN 'The ultimate protective cleanser and healer' Black Obsidian is the ultimate With great power, black obsidian gives one the strength and insight required to cleanse and heal any Thus, black obsidian will help you empower yourself back to your truth and help you re-awaken your creative Placing obsidian under the bed, or your pillow helps draw out mental stress and tension, allowing for OBSIDIAN BLACK ONYX 'Protect and calm' This wonderfully potent crystal will protect and calm you, making

  • House of Healing Berlin I Online shop

    PRODUCTS Quick View The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall | Volume 2 Price 22,00 € Out of Stock Quick View Black

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