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  • Reiki Distant Healing and Consult

    working with Reiki Energy on a client, including the need to be in the same room when a session takes place Healing, you will be required to take out at least an hour of your day to find a comfortable and quiet place

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  • House of Healing Berlin | Crystal Guide

    CRYSTAL GUIDE AGATE 'Stone of balancing and stabilising physical energy' Agates are grounding stones, BUY BLUE CALCITE BLUE LACE AGATE 'Stone of Truth' Blue Lace Agate, also known as Chalcedony in German An emotional stone, Blue Lace Agate brings in deep peace and neutralises feelings of anger. Having and working with a Blue Lace Agate, means you are working with your undeniable existence as a BUY BLUE LACE AGATE BLUE TOPAZ 'The empathetic stimulater' Connected to the throat Chakra and third eye

  • House of Healing Berlin I Online shop

    19,00 € Add to Cart NEW Spiral Pendulum I Clear Quartz Price 12,90 € Out of Stock NEW Pendulum I Moss Agate

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