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We wish you love, blessings and abundance always!

We are experts in Energy Healing - Reiki and Light Language -, Crystals, Consultation,
Massage, Meditation and Yoga.

In our 'hygge' studio space we hold daily classes and workshops, by experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Our famous and beautiful House of Healing Berlin shop carries a vast and exclusive range of Crystals, Books, Incense, essential oils, Yoga & Meditation props and more.
Our specialty is finding and ordering in, any special requests you may have. So if there are specific crystals you are looking, let us know and we would be delighted to assist you!

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20 January - 19 February


'The Master Healer'


Welcome to Aquarius season, and what powerful truth speaking energies this season brings! AQUARIUS is all about compassion, affection, intelligence and above all else truth.

When working with the Aquarius energies, expect to find courage and strength within yourself that will help you honour and speak your mind in all areas of your life, where normally, you would let others do the talking for you. You are taking back control of your life, and will not stand for injustices, whilst being broadminded in your beliefs. Expect also your beliefs to change.

Amethyst is the perfect crystal companion for the Aquarius season, as it will connect you with frequencies of unconditional healing in all aspects of your life, as well as providing strength and assurance in who you are as a natural being.

Other crystals perfect for this season include, Garnet, Jade, Aquamarine and Labradorite.

NEW! Morning Meditation

Every Tuesday and Friday

morning at 8am


Start the day in centre and balance with these relaxing morning meditation classes. Starting Tuesday 11th Jan 2022.

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Can be redeemed for any consultation and energy healing session, as well as our online store.


Have you heard the divine and magical sounds of the Koshi Bells?


These handmade instruments of other-worldy magic are inspired and melodically tuned by the Earths four elements: Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air), and Ignis (Fire).





Hand made Koshi chimes musical instruments made from bamboo in beautiful and dramatic sunl
"Each experience is a teaching, each teaching is knowledge, and the accumulation of knowledge brings inner awareness."