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Charlottenburg Studio Opening Soon

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Experts in healing

We are experts in Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Energy Healing, Crystals and Consultation. We hold daily classes and workshops led by experienced, enthusiastic teachers in our two Berlin locations

Our shop carries a vast and exclusive range of crystals, books, incense, essential oils, yoga & meditation props and much more.

Two idyllic locations

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Our new, sprawling wellness complex

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Libra Season
23 September - 22 October


'The stone of love, compassion, and balance'


Welcome to Libra season, where the scales of life find their equilibrium. As we transition from Virgo's meticulous energies, the air takes on a gentler, more harmonious tone. Libra, the sign of balance and partnerships, invites you to seek equilibrium in your life and relationships.


During Libra season, the emphasis shifts to the art of connection and cooperation. It's a time to embrace diplomacy and fairness, both in your interactions with others and in the way you navigate your own inner world. Remember that you deserve love, and it's essential to extend that love to yourself.


Carrying Rose Quartz will enhance your capacity for love, compassion, and understanding, aligning with Libra's pursuit of harmony and unity.


As you move through this season, remember that finding balance in your life is an ongoing journey. Embrace the beauty of harmonious connections, cherish your own worth, and let love guide your path. You are deserving of love, just as you are!

New Class

Core Pilates with Roxana - Every Friday 12:00 at Prenzlauer Berg.

In this core pilates class the focus is on strengthening the core muscles of our bodies with the right amount of flexibility and balance.

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Gift Vouchers

Can be redeemed for any consultation and energy healing session, as well as our online store.

Koshi Chimes

Have you heard the divine and magical sounds of the Koshi Bells?


These handmade instruments of other-worldy magic are inspired and melodically tuned by the Earths four elements: Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air), and Ignis (Fire).





Hand made Koshi chimes musical instruments made from bamboo in beautiful and dramatic sunl
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