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Charlottenburg Studio Now Open!

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Experts in healing

We are experts in Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Energy Healing, Crystals and Consultation. We hold daily classes and workshops led by experienced, enthusiastic teachers in our two Berlin locations

Our shop carries a vast and exclusive range of crystals, books, incense, essential oils, yoga & meditation props and much more.

Two idyllic locations

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Book a class in our original, intimate studio &  shop

Latest news and offers

Sagitarius Season
23 November - 21 December


Embark on the spirited journey of Sagittarius season with Pyrite, the radiant stone of manifestation.

As Scorpio's transformative energies fade, Sagittarius invites you to shoot your arrows of aspiration high and explore the vast landscapes of your dreams. Carry Pyrite to amplify your manifestation prowess and infuse your journey with creativity and vitality.

In this season of adventure, let the energy of Pyrite be your guiding light, fueling your enthusiasm and helping you manifest your desires with confidence. Embrace the magic of your potential as you explore, dream, and manifest during Sagittarius season.

Upcoming Workshop!

Vinyasa Krama | Linking A Graceful Practice with Juan Sierra

We are so excited to welcome Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Mentor for Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Trainings Juan Sierra to House of Healing Berlin Charlottenburg! In this workshop you will dive into the Art of Vinyasa Krama. 

In Sanskrit, "Vi" means order, "nyasa," means conscious placement, and "krama," means sequence of moments. Vinyasa Krama is therefore the succession of movements undertaken with a single pointed intention.

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Founding Membership

Limited Founding Memberships are available for our Charlottenburg Studio.

Experience unlimited access to our wellness and fitness classes as well as special discounts for all treatments, free weekly coffee/tea in our café per week, plus a special invitation to the opening of our studio - and more!

Koshi Chimes

Have you heard the divine and magical sounds of the Koshi Bells?


These handmade instruments of other-worldy magic are inspired and melodically tuned by the Earths four elements: Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air), and Ignis (Fire).





Hand made Koshi chimes musical instruments made from bamboo in beautiful and dramatic sunl
Founing Member

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