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We are experts in Energy Healing - Reiki and Light Language -, Crystals, Consultation,
Massage, Meditation and Yoga.

In our 'hygge' studio space we hold daily classes and workshops, by experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Our famous and beautiful House of Healing Berlin shop carries a vast and exclusive range of Crystals, Books, Incense, essential oils, Yoga & Meditation props and more.
Our specialty is finding and ordering in, any special requests you may have. So if there are specific crystals you are looking, let us know and we would be delighted to assist you!

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24 October - 22 November


'Protects against psychic Vampires '


Welcome to Scorpio season! A very potent time for energies where the veils between the unseen worlds and ours our very thin, where your words become your spells.

A perfectly magical time, Scorpio energies are all about your personal power, making sure to claim back your power if you have been compromised in situations past. Emotions are high in this season, where you will feel tested at times, reminding yourself that everything is temporary and that magic happens when you actually believe it.

Everything is possible in this time, you are going to come across old experiences if there is something still there to be learnt. Old friendships and uncomfortable relations from friends may also surface to remind you to keep you personal power and not to give it away to the wrong people.

Scorpions sting, they like to play the game, just remind yourself to stand firmly with two feet in the ground and choose the path that resonates with you and surround yourself with people that move you forward instead of bringing you back.

Malachite is the PERFECT crystal for this time as it's a massive protector against the unseen energies and protects you from people that do not have the best intentions for you. Keep malachite always on the left side of your body near the spleen, as this is where energy leakage is drawn.

Other crystals perfect for this season include, Aquamarine and Obsidian

Welcome David to our team!

Every Friday, 10:00 and

Saturday, 10:00,


Ashtanga based

Vinyasa Flow!

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Can be redeemed for any consultation and energy healing session, as well as our online store.


Have you heard the divine and magical sounds of the Koshi Bells?


These handmade instruments of other-worldy magic are inspired and melodically tuned by the Earths four elements: Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air), and Ignis (Fire).





Hand made Koshi chimes musical instruments made from bamboo in beautiful and dramatic sunl
"Each experience is a teaching, each teaching is knowledge, and the accumulation of knowledge brings inner awareness."