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Creativity requires energy, stillness and deep listening. Juju will guide you through an hour of movement and rest to get your creative juices flowing and space to listen to your inner muse. 

Phoebe will guide us through a 40min intuitive art session where we focus on letting go and channeling our thoughts and emotions into a drawing exercise. Rather than trying to seek something picture perfect, we will learn to trust the process and let your thoughts flow through into creative freedom. We will engage with our emotions and convey them through mark making, colour, line and shapes using coloured pencils, markers and pens. 


This will be a beautiful workshop to connect to our inner self, the subconscious and explore mindfulness using movement and art. 

This session will be intuitive and not critiqued as we want to encourage a time to dwell within self. 

No prior yoga or art experience is necessary and all materials will be provided for. 

You will leave feeling rested, inspired and you will be able to take your beautiful artwork home.

Price 39€ (please see below for Urban Sports members)
Love, Juju & Phoebe


n.b. Urban Sports members are able to book this workshop also for the discounted rate of €32. We ask that you pay this amount when arriving on the workshop day.

Awaken your Senses: Creative Yoga Flow & Intuitive Art Workshop

Next date: tba

Together we will connect to our hearts with the help of delicious raw cacao and celebrate the journey of self-discovery. A safe space will be created where we will go within and listen to what is being revealed to us via mama cacao. 

A new moon is the perfect time for new beginnings, an auspicious time to set intentions and like seeds we will plant them, nurture them and allow them to grow into manifestation. Combining the received guidance through the cacao heart opening and the new moon, we will set a new pathway, aligned to our highest good whilst being supported by the loving community gathering together for this healing circle.

It is recommended not to each too much 2 hours before the ceremony.

* Limited to 10 people

* Wear comfortable clothing

We so look forward to welcoming you on this beautiful cacao journey at House of Healing Berlin.

Cacao Ceremony with New Moon

Next date: tba

Ahhh, the beauty that is crystals.

In these ‘Crystal 101' workshops we will learn and explore the benefits and power of crystals and their healing properties. Such questions we shall discuss include: How can I work with crystals? Which crystals are right for me? How do I cleanse and charge them?

You'll learn practical tips that will allow you to understand and feel into which crystals are right for you and how you can work with them effortlessly in your life for your highest good and pleasure.

As well as this, we will learn which crystals need cleansing, charging and how we can do this.

In this exciting and interactive workshop you will be using and learning about specific crystals and palo santo contained in a special crystal kit that you get to take home with you.

Look forward to having a fun workshop with you!


Crystal Workshop with Leigh

Next date: tba

This workshop, hosted by Maria Lisa, is an invitation to dive deeply into ourselves and explore the vibrations and sound of movement that is felt within our bodies. Free and intuitive movement exercises - as well as guided - combined with breath-work will bring us into a state of deep non-intellectual feeling and openness.

To start with, we will open the workshop with a blissful cacao ceremony, where mama cacao will support us in opening our hearts.

Accompanied with sound and sound frequencies, the workshop will also explore how sound affects our bodies, including our brains and hormones. By moving our body, we will explore different areas of the body and in doing so, learn how the body can intuitively heal itself and release and forms of trauma - or in yoga, karma - of the body.

We will explore how the body stores energy and how we can understanding the connection to our chakras.

To close, we will lie down and enter into a state of integrational savasana accompanied by a beautiful sounds frequencies.

"I am so looking forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful workshop experience together with mama cacao. Love, Maria Lisa"

Feel your Body - Movement and Cacao Workshop

Next date: tba

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the merging of several ancient systems into one: the I Ching, the Indian Chakra system, Astrology and the Kabbalah. Much like astrological birth charts, Human Design is a system based on the date you were born, time and place of birth. It is a map, or a manual, that helps indicate and explain who you are as a person, your characteristics and guides you to live in a manner that is in harmony and sync with 'who you are.'

Sounds incredible right? Well it is pretty fascinating! What's more great is that in this workshop you will find out your own personal Human Design personality trait.


The Human Design graph or chart can be felt and understood from two perspectives: through the body and through the understanding of the elements that the chart consists of.

Thus, in this workshop, which is suitable for both complete beginners and for people with more advanced knowledge of Human Design, we will explore and play with both perspectives, bringing them together so that each one of us can not only learn more about Human Design, but develop a personal feel for their chart on an intuitive level.

While there are many elements to the chart, we will focus on the main specific parts that connect us to our every-day lives, with the opportunity to go deeper if need be. There will be lots of time also for exchange and sharing our personal experiences, so that you can start to integrate your knowledge in a much more holistic way.

Human Design is about finding new access to our inner world and reconnecting ourselves to our unique potential. You could also think of it like an experiment where we are simply exploring how Human Design can actively contribute to us understanding more precisely why we are the way we are! 

We invite you to this fun, playful, scientific and insightful workshop that will have you saying, 'ahha that makes sense' more than ever before :)

There will be tea, snacks and drinks!

Human Design Workshop

Next date: tba

In this workshop, open to beginners and intermediate practitioners, we will explore the foundations for inversions and play with a wide range of inverted arm balances. You’ll have the chance to play with many different inversion options and learn drills that will help you build strength and confidence to kick start your own inversion practice, or to take your inversion practice even deeper. 

We will progressively build up the poses required to gain strength, stability, and balance. The thought of inversions sometimes scares people, as they feel uncomfortable of the unknown aspects of supporting themselves upside-down. Thus, part of this workshop is also the approach to inversions and how we can focus on bringing kindness our approach, including breath-work, safety and support for the body, ease and calmness of the mind.

It's a wonderful and fun day in a supporting atmosphere. There will be tea and snacks as well as time for a little break!

We look forward to going upside down with you!

Inversion Workshop

Next date: tba

The Man circle is a space for men to connect to the masculine and nourish it within a community and safe space. The feeling for men to be seen, understood and acknowledged by other men holds a unique power. Simply to hold space and be present with our hearts open for each other is truly supportive and encouraging.

The love and sense of brotherhood is something hard to describe, it has to be experienced. I wish for every man out there to have this opportunity and connect with their tribe. If this healing circle speaks to you, then this is your calling.

In this 2 hour sitting, we’ll practice some simple and powerful ways of communication, through exercises that will embody our true nature.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in our circle.

With Love,

Man Circle - find your tribe

Next date: tba

This workshop is going to be a wonderful journey through personal development, self care and conscious intention setting all about LOVE. Together with a soft Yin Yoga practice, we’re going to work on easy journaling tools that will help you set empowering intentions to manifest the life of your dreams.

Francesca is going to share with you the powerful manifestation equation, and how you can achieve almost anything you desire by simply putting together beautiful journaling routines and incorporating them in your daily life.

Through the yin practice we will create the perfect mindset to work on the feelings related to your intentions, using the yoga practice as another tool for your manifestation and self care. Everything you learn during this workshop will help you to create a beautiful routine that you can come back to anytime you need a boost of motivation and positivity.

We look forward to welcoming you to this magical manifestation and Yin Yoga event!

Manifestation Workshop on LOVE with Yin Yoga

Next date: tba

In these special two hour events, we will start the journey by learning the basics of crystals and how we can connect to these ancient healing energies. We then move on to bring your body and mind into a total state of relaxation with some beautiful Restorative Yoga. As we finish our practice melting into Savasana, we will tune out and be guided into a sound healing journey, absorbing the blissful vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong.

Restorative & Crystal Sound Healing Workshop

Next date: tba

In this special two hour event, Juju will support you through gentle movements then into a total state of relaxation with some beautiful Restorative Yoga. Isabella will guide you into a sound healing bath of tones and sounds of different frequencies to invite your body and mind to let go of everyday life and find a state of deep relaxation.


Restorative Yoga.

Restorative yoga is the art of rest. We will be using props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to support the physical body allowing space for deep rest and relaxation. By slowing down and coming to conscious rest, you may begin to notice:
- a quieter mind
- relaxed body
- greater self-awareness
- a calm nervous system
- better sleep
- improved breathing and digestion


Sound Bath Healing.

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of a sound bath with alchemy crystal singing bowls. Not only do your ears hear the sounds, but your whole body will feel them, as you are taken into a relaxing deep and meditative state. The alchemy crystal bowls produce pure tones and harmonic overtones that create an incomparable soundscape. 

Isabella’s sound set has grounding and balancing effects, where you will be guided to connect to your strength.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Love, Juju and Isabella.

Restorative Yoga and Crystal Sound Bath Workshop

Next date: tba

In this special two hour workshop, Juju and Andrea will guide you through a play between gentle movements and relaxation, in combination with some fluid moves and beautiful restorative yoga. 

Andrea will be guiding you through voice exercises to explore ways of working with our throat chakra that relates to self-expression, communication and creativity.
This is a safe and nourishing space for everyone with no previous experience needed - you don’t need to be able to sing! Just an openness to explore your voice


Music and voice work has many positive effects on our brain. It has been connected to stress-relief as a result of lowered cortisol, improved lung function, boosting of immune system, increase of oxygen flow and a natural mood lifter.


Restorative yoga is the art of rest. We will be using props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to support the physical body allowing space for deep rest and relaxation. By slowing down and coming to conscious rest, you may begin to notice:
- a quieter mind
- relaxed body
- greater self-awareness
- a calm nervous system
- better sleep
- improved breathing and digestion

We look forward to hosting you in this cozy and warm space. There will be tea and treats and you will leave feeling nourished, relaxed and empowered. We also have a special crystal gift for you to take home with you that will help support you on continuing exploring this wonderful journey.

Juju & Andrea

Restorative Yoga and Find your Voice Workshop

Next date: tba

Join Sarah and Juju for a beautiful Sunday Self Care Workshop and learn how to use a Guasha.

Sarah is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist from New Zealand. Traditional Chinese Medicine views self-care as a fundamental pillar of our health, both physical

and mental. Sarah will be discussing the 5 element theory and how this effects our health, body + mind, giving you a better understanding of how the body responds to stress + emotions from a TCM perspective and how to implement tools for better self-care. 

Juju will guide you through a yoga practice incorporating the 5 elements.

We will end with a tutorial + traditional insight into Guasha and how to incorporate it into your self-care routine. You can bring your own serum or light oil, otherwise you will receive a CBD Oil by ENECTA that you can take home.

We cannot wait to see you and have an amazing self care loving day.

Self Care Workshop with Gua Sha

Sunday, 28th, August, 16:00 - 19:00

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